Parametric intelligent design – our original solution for creating parameter-driven skeleton designed projects in CATIA V5

Parametric Intelligent Design

Many years of experience in designing in CATIA V5, a software that made our work easier thanks to a number of its advantages, has both introduced and confronted us with its many shortcomings and issues.

In search of most optimal solution for future work in the CATIA V5 software, we present a retrospective of conclusions, based on numerous models of shaping the methodology of skeleton design. Numerous experiences in this field of work have helped us to design, create and implement the right methodology of skeletons, guided by parameters of CATIA V5 program – Parametric Intelligent Design. Parametric Intelligent Design is our methodological solution – from skeleton design to latest revised drawing.

We used our experiential observations and conclusions to find a balance between client needs, changes of existing concept of methodology in accordance with individual and specific project requirements and to correct the applied methodology due to imperfect functionality of 3D software.

Designing a variety of equipment using the parametric methodology of CATIA V5 led to our independent development of our own software in the software services market, that we named “Parametric Intelligent Design” which eliminates all aforementioned shortcomings and problems, as a software that manipulates CATIA V5 and MS Office. Each segment of this unique software is designed according to the specific methodology of the client, while individual segments of the program even condition the client’s compliance with the pre-adopted methodology, which they follow in their business.

During all phases of developing and designing our software solution Parametric Intelligent Design, we relied on experience, details, concepts, rules, not-to-do rules and most importantly – exchanging experiences with experts in this field of programming and customer feedback, especially in areas where they are facing productivity issues.

Features of our unique Parametric Intelligent Design program, as a stable parameter-guided skeleton design project in CATIA V5 and unique file-based system management, are:

  • built-in system for unique naming of products, parts drawings and for every single axis and driving parameter which defines the project,
  • elaborated mechanism of database creation and usage, skeleton-design-ready drawings meaning you only draw drawings once and the drawings follow the project in space either the referent axis translates or/and rotates (thus translating or/and rotating the part/product of drawing),
  • strict top-down skeleton methodology,
  • update/change management within drawing manipulation.

The scope of our software is:

  • design bureaus for structures and equipment,
  • business areas that are not prone to repetitive projects, either due to the optimization of business processes or the desire to follow innovative trends,
  • shipbuilding and automotive industry,
  • international corporations with their specific needs.

The reasons why we use the improved, unique and very well-accepted methodology of Parametric Intelligent Design, stable parameter-driven skeleton design in CATIA V5 and unique file-based system management are:

  • significantly improved customer productivity,
  • quicker and smoother finalization of projects,
  • elimination of human errors, as frequent causes of delays and elements that limit performance on multiple levels.