PARAMETRIC ID j.d.o.o. is a project office with many years of experience in designing of marine equipment (cranes, platforms, accommodation ladders, doors, ramps) and structures. This segment of our services offers companies the safe use of engineered equipment and structures.
During the years of experience, we have focused on improving the methodology of work, which contributes to reducing the length of time of project development while increasing the quality of documentation and reducing/eliminating errors resulting from repetitive tasks, which is common in the profession. We placed special emphasis on service automation of certain repeatable processes.
As a result of these two ambitions, the company name was coined - Parametric ID (Parametric Intelligent Design).
In addition to project management services, we are applying our past experience in using 3D design software packages as a basis for consulting other companies that demonstrate the need to apply such a methodology. In addition to all the above services we provide, we also develop software, which control 3D software packages and apply the agreed methodology (Custom software solutions, development of new applications).

Our business

Our work is focused on increasing our business efficiency in order to achieve maximum results, which will provide optimal solutions for our clients.


The current development strategy has enabled us to customize existing and create new markets. The future development strategy includes: increasing the volume of services, with constant education of personnel, monitoring the needs of clients and adjusting to their requirements, expanding the range of services in accordance with the requirements of the international shipbuilding market, as well as continuous improvement of working performance.


The main objective of our business is to influence the development of new ideas in the field of business that we offer, through new projects, engineering solutions and software packages. Training and continuous education in the field of shipbuilding and CATIA software packages, increase the number of companies with whom we work, with particular emphasis on the foreign market, with the renowned attraction of new clients.


The introduction of new solutions will enable the prediction of future trends in the field of design of ship equipment and associated structures, as well as program design, in accordance with existing standards and to the improvement of existing methods. The expansion and improvement of services will create new ideas, more efficient for clients. Consulting clients on the importance of new technologies, in order to improve their quality of work.


Adapting the methodology of work in accordance with recent experience. Following new trends with custom software solutions for the purpose of setting higher standards, both in the area of increasing the quality of work and reducing the time of its creation. Keep being competitive in the market and keeping up with the trend, with the introduction of improved ways of working with clients, creating new business trends and predicting the best solutions for businesses.

Education and Business Development

Continuous education and training, as well as extensive international business experience, are the most important factors influencing the quality and success of our work.

Professional experience is gained in the areas of project management, planning of all relevant project details, Cost control, complete project coordination and supervision of subcontractors, complete preparation of classification documentation.

Experience in the production of equipment includes communication with clients, development of conceptual and design solutions that are in accordance with the relevant laws of classification corporations.

Examples of projects in shipbuilding:

  • cranes (Tender, Rescue, Foldable, Telescopic),
  • doors (Tender, Hangar, sliding, watertight, weatherproof, fireproof, balcony, stern, pantograph),
  • development and construction of small bridges (up to 14 m), and accommodation ladders (up to 12.5 m),
  • boarding platforms,,
  • special structures for cruisers,
  • shaft line calculations,
  • preparing documentation according to various classification corporations (ABS, DNV, GL, BV, Lloyd, HRB),
  • engineering hatches.

With extensive experience in the field of shipbuilding, it is important to highlight the solutions applied in other industries:

  • Customized software solution for making eyewear molds (SAFILO),
  • Custom software solutions in the automotive industry (RIMAC AUTOMOBILI, Composite Department).

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