3D product presentation

Incorporation of 3D models into web pages was a revolutionary way to display products on web pages, with the aim of bringing product features to the customer (technical, aesthetic, functional) in a special, hitherto unusual and completely new way.

3D model, as a three-dimensional mathematical representation, helps the observer to more accurately observe an object in the virtual world. The resulting visual information on the web site is far more complete than standard practice allows (images, slides, videos, panoramic views), which is the greatest advance that 3D technology represents today.

3D presentation of a product on web pages can be: interactive (the ability of users to “manage changes” on the model itself), automated (controlled presentation without “interfering” users) and static 3D presentation of the model.

3D product presentation on web pages offers:
– unequaled display of details of the object
– possibility to interact with 3D model and observe mobility of parts,
– possibility to control the point of view,
– complete perception of shape.
– perception of 3D model in approximate real-life environment.
– supported by all popular web browsers.

Automated display of Tender Crane

Start/stop 3d presentation

Automated display of Foldable Rescue Crane

Start/stop 3d presentation